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Rossi A. (in stampa), ‘For a geophysical and paleo-enviromnental reconstruction: abstract

Rossi A. (in stampa), ‘For a geophysical and paleo-enviromnental reconstruction of Phaistos’, in 11th International Cretological Congress (Rethymno, 21-27 ottobre 2011)

Archaeological research conducted as part of the Phaistos Project directed by the Universities of Salerno (Prof. F. Longo) and Pisa (Prof. M. Benzi) in collaboration with the Eforia of Hiraklion (M. Bredaki) included a series of multidisciplinary investigations and permit to recover new data that have helped the archaeologists in reconstructing  the environmental and geomorphologic context in which ancient Phaistos was developed.

In particular, this paper will focus its attention particularly on the reconstruction of paleo-topographical areas of the ancient settlement. This type of investigation allowed researchers to trace the physical and environmental limits in which the ancient city was developed, especially as regards to the archaic and classical period. Part of this work has been devoted to thoroughly reconstruct the connections between modern and ancient landscape features not only through reading and interpreting 1:5,000 scale maps and aerial photographs from 1945, but also through the documentation available from the excavations. This approach allowed us to draw up a detailed geomorphologic map of the ancient settlement on a scale of 1:5,000 – part of the GIS –  and to the develop a three-dimensional model of the soil (DEM).

In conclusion, the paper will demonstrated how the relationship between the geo-environmental and archaeological records offers new prospects of knowledge for the history and topography of the Phaistos area.

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